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Studies report employee theft is a much bigger problem than shoplifting. The average shoplifter steals $59 while the average employee caught stealing took $549!

Background checks catch applicants who have been convicted. Pre employment honesty work ethic surveys spot applicants who share those attitudes but, have not been caught! Avoid those hires - watch theft, absenteeism drop while productivity and profits grow!

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Fill out the form below for a sample Integrity/Work Ethic Report of an applicant you do not want to hire!

An email will be sent to you after hitting the submit button. Before submitting, please ensure to whitelist the email address johncaspole@assessmentspecialists.com

If you are an HR professional or Business Owner looking for a way to hire for improved integrity/work ethic and want a to see how this works, let us know.

The Step One Survey takes 25 minutes to complete. We will arrange for you to try a sample.